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Express Apostille Document Services is a full service professional firm with an office in Los Angeles and Washington D.C (affiliate) offering:

  • Document Authentication Services
  • Document Apostille Services
  • Embassy Legalization
  • Embassy Attestation Services

We service individuals, corporations, legal firms and government organizations.

If you need to present your documents outside the United States, they need to go through either the  APOSTILLE or AUTHENTICATION process, depending on the country where they need to be presented in (see List of Countries). We specialize in the certification of various personal and commerical documents and will get your documents certified from all the required Government Departments and Embassies. Please visit our SERVICES page to view the types of documents and services performed by us.

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Express Apostille Document Services expedites Document Apostille, Document Authentication, US Department of State Certification & Embassy Legalization services. Customers entrust us to carry out the APOSTILLE or AUTHENTICATION for their documents, expediting the processing  compared to mailing them to respective agencies.

Located in the Los Angeles area with an affiliate office in Washington DC (in close proximity to State & Federal Government agencies and Foreign Embassies), we are a trusted source to prepare, submit and complete the certification process for your documents. We pride ourselves in the secure and expedited processing of your documents.

Obtaining an Authentication or Apostille stamp can be a highly complex process, requiring the document to be submitted to several different government agencies, each with its own processing time. Contact us to complete the entire Apostille or Authentication process for you in an expedited timeframe saving you the time to travel to Washington DC or mail the documents to US Department of State or foreign Consulates.

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  • Personal Documents
  • Commercial Documents


We Offer:

  • Document Apostille & DocumentAuthentication
  • US Department of State Authentication
  • Embassy Legalization
  • Secretary of State Certification



Service Locations

  • Office in Los Angeles
  • Affiliate Office In Washington DC
    • We Service all States