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1. Get a Quote

Simply email us at
or call us at 1-877-440-7750

Information needed at time of ordering:

- Type of Document (Educational, Vital, Commercial, Personal Document)
- Country the Document is going to be used in
- Date document is required

2. Send a Document

Once we have provided you with the confirmation and quote, please print and fill the attached Order form located above and include it with your documents.

Mail the document to us at:

19360 Rinaldi St #329
Porter Ranch, CA 91326
(877) 440-7750

- Please ensure to include all original documents
- Please fill EVERY parts of the Order Form
- We request a pre-paid envelope with your address to return the documents.
- If not included, we will send the documents back to you through USPS Priority Mail and this may delay the delivery process.

3. Receipt & Receive

Once we receive your documents, we will immediately notify you via email.

Upon completion of the Authentication process, we provide you with the shipping tracking number and your documents will arrive shortly after.

Before placing your order, please review our terms, conditions and policies.


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